Key Benefits

  • Semi open cell expanded PVC
  • PVC Density: 130-160kg/m3
  • PVC Temperature range: -30 to +60°C
  • Cork Density: 150-250kg/m³
  • Cork Thickness: 1mm – 18mm

PVC & Cork


Our most common application for PVC relates to the glazing industry in the form of self-adhesive low tack glazing protection pads for sealed units, toughened and processed glass.  Our low tack pads mean the end user is able to adhere the pads to the glass without leaving any adhesive residue once removed.

The materials natural properties combine excellent energy, impact & shock absorbing properties along with good chemical resistance meaning that PVC can also be utilised in a variety of other applications.


Cork is commonly used as an alternative to PVC within the glazing industry when laminated to a variety of foam substrates, but is also suitable for a variety of other applications due to its durability and ability to recover. Cork can also be a popular choice due to its environmentally friendly nature.

Service and Quality

Our experienced team is capable of providing creative solutions for all forms of production in the manufacturing industry.

Our bespoke processes ensure that we are able to offer tailored solutions to all our customers’ requirements. We offer a fast, efficient service whilst ensuring quality and value for money.

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