Key Benefits

  • Wide range of anti-rattle material options from stock
  • Materials available in both plain and self-adhesive foam
  • Suitable for general automotive anti-rattle applications

NVH/Anti Rattle


We stock a range of felts and non-woven materials suitable for a variety of automotive anti-rattle and NVH applications. Our materials can be supplied using a selection of adhesives and converted into customer specific formats, either as individual pieces, or presented on continuous rolls for ease of application for the end user.

We also offer insulation materials for larger scale automotive requirements such as Thinsulate or AcuLite. Once again, our variety of conversion techniques enable us great flexibility with regards to the conversion of these type of materials.

Service and Quality

Our experienced team is capable of providing creative solutions for all forms of production in the manufacturing industry.

Our bespoke processes ensure that we are able to offer tailored solutions to all our customers’ requirements. We offer a fast, efficient service whilst ensuring quality and value for money.

Contact Us

Please contact us if you would like more information on NVH/Anti-rattle products, or any of our other products and services.