We offer a wide range of conversion processes providing a cost effective manufacturing solution.  We can supply quick turnaround sample requests and  can advise you on the best materials to use. We are also able to produce bespoke prototypes for specific applications.  Please see some of our processes outlined below:

Kiss Cutting Die Cutting Log Cutting Rotary Cutting Digital Cutting Laser Cutting Laminating Adhesive Coating Slitting/re-winding

Kiss Cutting

Kiss cutting allows for easy removal of parts resulting in maximum production efficiency for the end user. Parts can be presented with waste removed either sheeted, or more commonly on the roll.

Our kiss-cut lines offer a range of capabilities and strengths to allow various presentation options, meaning we can select the best solution for you.


Die Cutting

Our automated travelling head press CNC lines enable individual gaskets to be efficiently die cut from a full range of flexible materials from within our extensive range.

Die cutting is the natural choice for mass production gasket requirements and our vast manufacturing experience coupled with the latest nesting software allows us to offer the most cost effective customer solutions.


Log Cutting

Our log-cutting machines allow us to slit material to a full range of widths to meet our customer’s requirements.

Our digitally programmed machines allow for accurate cutting, tight tolerance control and rapid set up times allowing for maximum production efficiency and quick turnaround times.


Rotary Cutting

Rotary cutting is both a highly accurate and rapid method for gasket production, offering a range of presentation options for our customers.

All of our rotary production lines are universally suited to our stock tooling and recent investment has added to our existing capacity and capability in this area.

Digital Cutting

Our digital cutting vertical blade flatbed routing machine offers both production benefits and prototype support to our customers.

Parts can be cut at variable depth from a wide range of materials and thicknesses without the need for any specific tooling investment.

Laser Cutting

Miers offer a rapid turnaround laser cutting service that is flexible, economical and designed to meet complex design requirements without the need for tooling investment. This also makes the laser perfect for the prototyping and development phase of our customer’s projects.

Laser cutting also offers superior cut-edge quality whilst minimising material waste.



Our state of the art Laminator is capable of laminating various substrates from films of a few microns thick, through to products of up to 150mm thick.

The Laminator incorporates a 1700mm heating zone capable of reaching temperatures of 200°C, 1000mm of internal cooling and a pressure system that can vary from 0 – 150mm in 0.1mm increments.


Adhesive Coating

Miers are specialist coaters of PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives) to many different substrates.

Our range of adhesives have been developed to offer a number of performance criteria to enable us to develop customer specific solutions. We can offer a range of glue characteristics including high shear resistance, high tack and good shear and adhesion properties.

We can offer a variety of release papers/liners and our range of water based acrylic adhesives can be coated from 10 grams/m2 to 60 grams/m2 meaning that we can coat materials up to a maximum of 1500mm in width.


Miers are able to de-batch jumbo material rolls into customer specific roll lengths, for either the benefit of the material’s end use or to aid handling and distribution.